What is WSLA?

It is Warranty Company ®, which manages all the related activities of the Post-sale and coverage of Original Warranties of equipment of Consumer Electronics, White Goods, Household Appliances, Computing, Cellphones, Exercise Equipment, among other categories.

WSLA has created a technological platform to address the needs of different users:

  • Manufacturers
  • Final consumers.
  • Supermarkets and Department Stores.
  • Service Centers.

The WSLA platform is a technological solution developed through more than 20 years of Operating Experience that has implemented a philosophy of customer service and corporate alliances.


We establish, through operational processes, the best practices for handling all after-sales aspects related to warranties, follow-ups, controls, reimbursements and replacements. Our platform has created an Industry Standard for Retail Chain Operations.

For Electronic Manufacturers, White Goods and Household Appliances

The WSLA platform is developed to provide Integrated solutions related to all aspects of Guarantees of Origin (OEM), an essential requirement to be able to market their products in Mexico and Latin America with support to the end user.

End Users

If you are an End User and need support, please login to Cypher®, “The Warranty Platform” or through the Chat “Contact Form” and one of our agents will assist you.

Service Centers

We work with qualified and responsible Service Centers that provide Customer Service according to established Standards.

 If you represent a Service Center (CAS) and want to be part of our team, please send your information through the “Contact” form and one of our representatives will contact you.

Products and Services

Original Warranty

The original warranty coverage is a legal requirement in most Latin American countries, it is a necessary component to be able to make sales and exports to the countries of the Region. One of WSLA’s specialties is the Guarantee of Origin Management and Control. We generate all kinds of detailed reports that allow us to obtain information for the Strategic decisions related to the service and all the activities related to the Post-Sale.

Extended Warranty

The Extended Warranty is an additional coverage concept to the period originally granted by the manufacturer. The global trend is that consumers are increasingly careful with their investments and protect their assets.

Extended Warranty programs generate great benefits for the parties, both those that market it and the end users.

Replacement and Refund Management

As part of our expertise, we have centralized control processes for receiving, diagnosing, and authorization and reporting processes to carry out replacements and reimbursements when applicable.

Import Assistance

The need for professional import management is a competitive factor in the post-sale service industry.

We have a Central Distribution Warehouse and Parts Control for repairs through the WSLA CAS NETWORK.

Parts Distribution

One of the effective ways to minimize the cost of post-sale service is to make repairs when the case is eligible for a part replacement.

Our business model considers inventory management, classification, and parts distribution management as required through detailed reporting on behalf of our customers.

Business Intelligence

At WSLA we consider that, in addition to the value of timely information, the analysis and interpretation of data also forms part of our objectives, seeking cost improvement, loss prevention, and the pursuit of better business practices. 

The business intelligence department is made up of a team of specialists in the commercial and operational areas. It is headed by the top management of our company.

Executive level meetings are held with our clients by schedule, quarterly or half-yearly, to present information in an executive way, providing a valuable tool for the Companies Strategy.

Cypher® is the Technological Platform for Warranty Control and Management. It is a proprietary software created by WSLA

If you are an End User or represent a Manufacturer, Supermarket or Service Center (CAS) you will be able to access the system to check your information online.

Our Processes

Reverse Logistics

The collection of equipment from the Service Centers to our central warehouse is one of the operations of high logistics and coordination between the parties. Our operational and management team is prepared to perform this specific type of actions.

Professional Assistance

The WSLA team is made up of professionals from different disciplines and specialties, which enables our business model to be in continuous evolution thanks to the vision and philosophy of constant improvement.

Technical Solutions

WSLA has qualified and experienced technical staff that gives us the ability to respond to solve cases, using methods ranging from solutions through the phone to coordination and logistics for repairs.

E-mail: soporte_tecnico@wsla.mx

Engineering Assistance

For the most complex cases, WSLA has a team of engineers and technicians who carefully analyze each of the services. The effectiveness of this team is one of our strengths in the platform.

Certified Installations

In some countries, the installation of some products, such as those for gas use, requires certified installations. These installations are carried out by highly specialized personnel due to the safety and technical knowledge that some categories require.

We have qualified and certified Companies and Technicians under the authorities terms (in the case of Panama), to carry out the mentioned services under the correct methods.

Operations Reports

We create scheduled, special, and customized reports – Our technological platform, which consists of a specially developed software called CYPHER, gives us a very important competitive advantage, the management of information for the creation, programming of reports, and access to information in real time.

Discover the WSLA Benefits

The WSLA platform is a technological solution developed as a result of the Operating Experience and the analysis applied to all concepts related to the Post-Sale, Warranty Coverage, which has the ability to create detailed reports from the perspectives of different users in order to provide an Efficient Response to the Consumer.

Thanks to the development of our platform, Cypher®, we have reached an important competitive advantage in favor of our clients. We are the creators of the first digital coordination platform among various users, offering a complete and competitive service with which significant Economic and Operational Benefits are achieved.